Fichajes "ejemplares". Gustavo Aranzana, Agencia Prisma y Asier Zengotitabengoa. Spain is different

A Isiah Thomas se le prohibió ejercer simultáneamente de Consultor de un equipo de la NBA y de entrenador en la NCAA por ser un caso evidente de conflicto de intereses. En España no habría tenido ningún problema y se estaría forrando a base de comisiones y trapicheos.

Para gente de peso en el baloncesto español como Gorka Arrinda o Gustavo Aranzana, ¿qué significado deben tener los conceptos "CONFLICTO DE INTERESES" o "ÉTICA PROFESIONAL"?

Solo ellos lo deben saber.

Florida International coach Isiah Thomas was hired Friday as a part-time consultant for the New York Knicks.

His job description, in part, includes assisting the “team’s senior management in various capacities, including player recruitment.’’

And the folks in Indianapolis wonder why people don’t take them seriously.

In the New York phone book-thick NCAA rulebook, there are rules telling a coach he can’t give a kid a hamburger or, heaven forbid, call a recruit too many times.

Those are considered competitive advantages.

So it’s not a competitive advantage for Thomas to say to a potential recruit, 'Hey, I know you’re trying to get to the NBA. Guess what? I work for an NBA team and better yet, the Knicks may end up in the lottery. Why not sign with me at Florida International and see what happens?'

At the very least, this is a gigantic conflict of interest.

When Thomas recruits a player, is it for FIU’s future or the Knicks? When a kid is on the fence about leaving early, which hat does he wear when offering advice? Is he privy to inside NBA information regarding pre-draft trades that could affect a player’s draft status, information that other college coaches couldn’t and wouldn’t know about?

Dana O´Neal. ESPN 06/08/2010